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A Day Of Rest…Not!

Posted on September 5th, 2010 by by Administrator

Yesterday we had hoped to sleep in a bit, to catch up on all of the sleep we had missed during the rally, but we were both awake by 9 a.m., which was still better than the early hours we had been getting up during rally week.

It would have been nice to just relax all day long after our hectic week, but while we are busy with a rally, life goes on, and so do our other responsibilities to our business. So we had a lot of work to catch up on. I spent some time answering e-mails that had backed up, and updated both the Small Town Festivals calendar and the RV Rally calendar on our RV website. Miss Terry spent most of the day resolving the books for the rally, so we can settle our bill with Elkhart Campground. Hopefully we’ll have enough left over to get out of town afterward :)

There is a tremendous amount of paperwork associated with any RV rally, and it was compounded this time around because some attendees made their reservations through us, while others paid the campground directly. So Terry and Gita have been trying to get everything sorted out so we know who paid who. There were also several people who made their reservations through us, but then decided to take a weekly or monthly rate at the campground, so Terry has to get that all straightened out and issue refunds to those who paid us and then the campground. If we ever hold a rally at a campground again, we’ll just collect the rally fee and have the attendees make their reservations directly with the campground, to avoid all of this confusion.

Greg White has had the bay doors off the passenger side of his American Eagle motorhome for the last week or so, because Michele Henry at Phoenix Commercial Paint was repairing damage from an unfortunate encounter with a boulder out west a while back. During the early afternoon, he picked them up from Michele, and I helped him reinstall them on his motorhome. My contribution to the project consisted of helping to hold the doors in place while Greg bolted them to their struts.

During the day, several people stopped in to say hello, to thank us for all of the fun they had at the rally, and to say goodbye because they were heading out.

Our mail arrived, as well as a UPS shipment of three boxes of my books from the printer, inventory for our vendor booth at the Hershey RV Show. Included in the mail was the contract for our Western Gypsy Gathering rally, which will be March 7-11 at the fairgrounds in Yuma, Arizona. Make your plans now to attend. I’ll be posting a rally registration page in a few weeks.

For those who really want to plan ahead, our next Eastern rally will be September 26-30 at the Mercer County Fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio.

About the time we finished going through the mail, Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour came over to say hello. Chris and Jim are going to spend the winter in Florida, and we made a tentative date to meet up with them at the Peace River NACO preserve for some kayaking while we’re in the area.

About the time Chris left, our pals Mike and Elaine Loscher arrived to take us out to dinner. These two are such great friends and supporters of our work that we should have been the ones buying them dinner, but they insisted.

Back at Elkhart Campground, I was getting really droopy, so I took a nap on the couch. Later in the evening Stu and Donna (Froggi) McNichol came over for a visit. We really enjoy these two, and never get enough time with them. They left about 10:30, and a couple of minutes later, Elkhart Campground owner Gita Patel called and said she wanted to stop in and give Miss Terry some delicious soup and rice cakes, a traditional Indian dish she wanted to share. We visited with Gita for a while, and when she left, I wrote the blog and got it ready to post. By the time that was done, we were both tired and ready to call an end to our day of “rest.”

Thought For The Day – One father teaches more than a hundred schoolmasters.

You Get What You Pay For

Posted on August 18th, 2010 by by Administrator

Back when we were doing the bus conversion thing, we knew several bus nuts who took their coaches to Mexico to have them painted. We never considered it, because even at bargain Mexican prices, we just didn’t feel comfortable taking our MCI into Mexico.

Yes, I know that a lot of RVers, even some of my blog readers, enjoy traveling in Mexico. and sing its praises. That’s fine for them, but it’s not our thing. I’ve seen some Mexican paint jobs that looked pretty good, but I’ve seen some really botched ones too.

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this bad until yesterday, when we stopped in to visit with Michele Henry at Phoenix Commercial Paint. Michele told us that this Country Coach was painted in Mexico, and by the time its owner was back across the border, the paint was blistering and peeling on the bumper.

Mexican RV bumper

Soon afterward, the gel coat on the rear cap started bleeding through. All because of a lack of good preparation before they started painting, and shoddy workmanship.

Mexican RV gelcoat

So yes, the owner saved some money by going south of the border to get his coach painted. But like most things in life, you get what you pay for. With the great work Michele and her crew do, for so much less than what other shops charge, I don’t know why anyone would drive all the way to Mexico and take a chance on getting  a paint job like this instead.

Here is one of Michele’s employees buffing a motorhome she is finishing up on. Now that’s a good looking paint job! We keep saving our pennies, and one of these days we may be able to have Michele work her magic on our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage.

Buffing RV

Yesterday we dropped off the new issue of the Gypsy Journal at our printer in Allegan, Michigan, and since Greg and Jan White had never been up in that area, they went with us. Jan really liked all of the pretty country scenery and small towns we passed through along the way.

When we left the printer, we drove to Portage, Michigan to have lunch, and browsed in a couple of stores; Gander Mountain for Greg and I, Bed, Bath and Beyond for Miss Terry and Jan, and Barnes and Noble for all of us.

Back at Elkhart Campground, I caught up on e-mail, and checked some of the RV blogs I try to read on a regular basis, then went for a walk around the campground. Or at least I tried to go for a walk.

First I noticed a couple trying to get a small refrigerator into their fifth wheel, and I stopped to give them a hand. Once we had it inside, I resumed my walk, and was stopped by a couple who wanted to talk about their frustrating attempts to have the husband teach the wife how to drive their RV. They both agreed that it wasn’t working, and I strongly suggested that they go talk to Dennis Hill from the RV Driving School. Some couples just don’t seem to be able to work together on things like that, and though the husband didn’t want to spend the money on a driving lesson (which is a great investment, in my opinion), I told him that it was a lot cheaper than a divorce!

I didn’t make it far before another couple called me over to their awning to ask about the seminars at our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally. They didn’t have internet access to check the schedule at the bottom of the Rally Registration Page on our website, so I tried to remember all of the seminars we have scheduled. But with some 60 different seminars, I couldn’t remember each and every one. They wanted to know about as many as I could remember off the top of my head, and they asked a lot of questions about several of the seminars. I told them that I’d have the finished schedules printed up ahead of time, so they would have time to decide which ones they wanted to attend. Then the husband said, “Oh, we won’t be here. We’re headed for Pennsylvania in a couple of days, and then we’re going to New England to watch the leaves changing. We just wanted to know what we’d be missing.” Huh? I’m straining my brain and slapping bloodthirsty skeeters just so they could do some mental window shopping? I bit my tongue, and wished them a safe trip.

We’ve got a lot to do in the next few days, including picking up the new issue from the printer on Thursday, stuffing all of the envelopes and getting them mailed off,  proofing the design for the rally T-shirts, deciding on the layout of the vendor building, and a lot more. And I’ll probably need a nap or two somewhere along the way!

Thought For The Day – If you think there is good in everybody, you haven’t met everybody.

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The Games People Play

Posted on September 18th, 2009 by by Administrator

My friend Jan Chilson had a post in her Wanderings and Side Trips blog yesterday about playing games, from Wahoo to bowling on the Wii, that I found timely because Ron Speidel just introduced us to a new game called Bongo (sometimes called Ladder Golf).

You may have seen this played at RV parks before. Ron made the components of the game, two “ladders” and the balls out of plastic PVC pipe, golf balls, and cord. Basically, the object of the game is to throw two golf balls, linked by a cord, at the ladder, hoping to wrap the cord around one of the three horizontal ladders. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

We played in three husband and wife teams; Ron and Brenda, Ken and Billie Barker, and Miss Terry and myself. Being newbies at this, Terry and I came in last every game, but we sure had fun, and I can see that we’re going to have to get in some serious practice to redeem our reputation! We don’t have time for Ron to build any more sets before our Ohio Rally, but maybe in the future we’ll have some championship playoffs at a Gypsy Gathering rally.

RVers enjoy a lot of games, from cards to cribbage to Pegs and Jokers, to our personal favorite, Mexican Train. We also got a Wii last winter and have enjoyed bowling and playing tennis on it. With the extra room we have in the Winnebago, we plan to get a lot more use out of the Wii in the future.

What are some of your favorite games?

Speaking of the Ohio Rally, we’ll be leaving Elkhart Campground Sunday, headed for the fairgrounds in Celina, to get set up for the rally. Yesterday we stopped at RV Surplus Salvage, where owner Trina Ambris gave us several very nice door prizes for the rally. Every year Trina has faithfully stepped up to the plate and generously donated door prizes to support both the Ohio rally and the Western Gypsy Gathering in Arizona. We sure appreciate you, Trina!

We’re looking forward to getting our Winnebago back today from Phoenix Commercial Paint. Yesterday Michele Henry painted a new stripe on the motorhome to replace the chipped up one that was on it, and kept it overnight to finish the job this morning. We stopped in yesterday evening and the rig was still covered in masking paper, and Michele had a crew hard at work on it. I’ll have pictures in tomorrow’s blog!

I’ve sure had a lot of responses to yesterday’s Bad Nick Blog post! I’m all for give and take, and I certainly support anyone’s right to speak their mind, even when they disagree with me, but I find it interesting that some people can get so bent out of shape when something doesn’t agree with their way of thinking. It’s all about dialogue folks! About a free exchange of opinions. We don’t have to agree 100% of the time. What fun is that?  

Thought For The Day – America is the land of the free, because it is the home of the brave.

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Family, Friends, And Football

Posted on September 8th, 2009 by by Administrator

Okay, the Labor Day weekend is over and it’s time for kids to get back to school and for life to get back to normal.

We had a busy weekend. My cousin Berni Frees and her husband Rocky came down from their home in Muskegon, Michigan and spent part of the weekend with us. We had a great time visiting, going out to dinner, sitting outside watching the sunset and swatting mosquitoes, and playing Mexican Train. Any time we get together with Rocky and Berni is guaranteed to be lots of fun.

Several people stopped over to say hello and visit, including Jim Truman, a new blog reader and subscriber who just retired and started his fulltime RV life September 1st. Yesterday, Dave and Linda Sand came by to chat for a while, and Linda took a few paperback books from the pile we are trying to get rid of. There will be a book exchange table at our Gypsy Gathering rally in Celina, Ohio and I hope we get lots of folks there who like to read, because I don’t want to haul those books another mile!

Nancy Haney also came down to tell us how delighted she and husband Terry are with their fifth wheel after my friend Michele Henry at Phoenix Commercial Paint worked her magic on it. Terry and Nancy were seriously considering getting a new rig, but they loved the floor plan of their rig, and decided that by having it refurbished they could keep it, and save thousands of dollars. We checked the job out, and as always, Michele did a wonderful job, for thousands of dollars less than the competition wanted for the same work. Why pay more?

We did have a very small Bad Nick episode yesterday. One of the regulars here at Elkhart Campground was hosting a family reunion, and several young people were playing football, and an errant kick sent the ball into the front end of our motorhome. I really did not appreciate that, but I let it go… until the second time it happened.

Then Bad Nick went out and explained, in a very calm and quiet manner, that he didn’t want to be rude, but bouncing your ball off somebody’s RV is kind of rude too.

Actually, the little imp inside of me was pretty mellow about it. I’m worried about him. Is he getting soft? I don’t know. He just uploaded a new post to the Bad Nick Blog called We Must Protect Our Children. Check it out and leave a comment and let him know what you think.   

Thought For The Day – All reports are in. Life is now officially unfair.

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A Busy Weekend

Posted on August 24th, 2009 by by Administrator

Miss Terry has been busy all weekend getting the new issue of the Gypsy Journal stuffed into envelopes to take to the mail service and post office today, while I was busy printing mailing labels, getting the electronic version of the paper uploaded, and e-mailing our digital subscribers that it was ready to read.

Between all of that, every chance we got we popped next door into the Winnebago to check in on Ron and Brenda Speidel, who were doing some last minute things on it for us. Ron and I got our Dish Network receiver moved over to the new rig and got it hooked up, deployed the automatic dish, and made sure we could watch TV. It will be so nice to just push a button and watch TV, instead of going outside to set up a tripod and dish!

Ron also installed an extra electrical outlet in the bedroom for our Sleep Number Air Bed. Meanwhile, Brenda was finding even more things to clean and polish. We are hoping we’ll be able to move our bed and sleep in the Winnebago tonight or tomorrow night.

We have the bus and the Winnebago parked together here at Elkhart Campground, and a lot of people have stopped to say hello and compliment us on the new rig. We’d have loved to have given everybody that asked a tour, but between the rain coming down most of the weekend, and all we had to get done, it just wasn’t possible.

The one flaw in the outside appearance of the bus is that some of the graphic stripes are chipped up, which is common in a seven year old motorhome. So yesterday we had our buddy Michele Henry from Phoenix Commercial Paint came over to look the rig over, and she says she can remove the original stripes and paint new ones on for us. We have seen Michele’s work, and we know she can do a good job.    

Today will be just as busy. We had made a prior commitment to vend at the Carriage RV Club Rally in Goshen this week, so Terry will drop me off at the fairgrounds to get set up, then she will get the mailing dropped off, and come back to help me at the rally. We’re hoping sales are good, because it will be really hard to just sit there staring at the other vendors and doing no business, when we’d much prefer to be here getting moved into our new home on wheels.

One fellow asked if we would get lost in the new rig, it being six inches wider than the bus and with two slides, and I told him Terry and I may just turn out the lights and play hide and seek!

Thought For The Day – No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

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